Logan Paul Withdraws Offer To Fight Andrew Tate Following Social Media Ban

Paul had previously challenged controversial former kickboxer Tate to a boxing bout, but a fight doesn’t seem likely now that his opponent has been blocked from social media because of his opinions on women.

In light of Andrew Tate’s social media ban, Logan Paul has decided against fighting him. After battling Floyd Mayweather for a long time in an exhibition match last year, Paul is preparing to return to the ring. After inking a deal with wrestling organisation WWE, re-lacing his gloves did appear to be in doubt, but Paul has since made clear that he still intends to compete in the squared circle.

The notorious former kickboxer responded to the YouTube star’s criticism of him and his brother Jake by promising to purchase Paul a $5 million Bugatti automobile. However, he has pleaded with other content producers, including buddy KSI, to refrain from giving Tate a platform by agreeing to a future boxing match.

“I Don’t Feel Like Giving Him A Platform”

“I don’t feel like platforming this guy,” he explained when addressing a potential fight with Tate on his Impaulsive podcast. “I don’t feel like giving him the blessing of being my dance partner in the ring. Especially after the social media platforms have made it very clear how they feel about this guy.”

“You wanna re-platform this guy? Anyone. You wanna have him on your shows, do you wanna give him another opportunity to speak and spread his agenda? Because whether you believe it or not, the s**t that Andrew Tate is saying will have a ripple effect much more dangerous than you can imagine.”

Tate was expelled from a number of social media sites, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, due to his problematic opinions on women and mental health. He had become well-known for his remarks, but he had to contend with a massive push to block him from speaking out after saying that they should “carry some responsibility” for being assaulted.

The 35-year-old gained notoriety for his participation in Big Brother in 2016, where he was booted from the programme after a video leaked showing him striking a woman with a belt. Despite having a long kickboxing career and claiming to have faced opponents over 80 times, he hasn’t yet faced someone with the same level of notoriety as YouTube sensation Paul.

After sending a “last message” via Paul’s brother Jake on social media, Tate made an effort to justify his own behaviour and claimed the media was fabricating stories about him.

“The media is spinning a false image of me, on repeat, and Instagram bowing to pressure is a massive shame,” he said. “I will always have millions of fans around the world and my platform would be a beacon of light, teaching people of all genders and races how to respect one another for years to come.”

“In time, the world will learn the true nature of my heart. I am a strictly religious man who believes god wants the truth to prevail. I have nothing but positivity to spread regarding all PEOPLE, wether male OR female, and this has been reflected in all of my recent messaging and posts.”

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