Logan Paul Wants To Fight Kyle Forgeard Of The NELK Boys

Logan Paul is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet. Apart from being a YouTuber, Logan is also a professional boxer, podcast host, pokemon cards collector, and a businessman.

While Logan Paul’s younger brother Jake Paul has had a much more appealing boxing career, Logan settled after his fights with KSI and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather in the ring. But now, the YouTuber has revealed who he would like to fight next (in case if he ever gets back in the boxing ring).

Logan Paul Vs Kyle Forgeard

Logan Paul, in his latest IMPAULSIVE podcast episode with Oliver Tree said he wants to fight one of the NELK boys.

“Bro, I saw Kyle [Forgeard] last night, and I was about to f**king punch him in the face. Just knock him in the face.”

But why is Logan Paul so bitter towards Kyle of the NELK boys? It’s because of one reason – The Full Send Podcast.

“All we had was this wonderful podcast, and they had to go make a rival podcast,” co-host Mike Majlak added.

When Oliver Tree questioned Logan Paul about the one person he’d like to fight if given a chance, it did not take Logan long to come up with an answer. “Kyle from the NELK boys, I would f**k him up.”

IMPAULSIVE Live Audience Show

The YouTuber also talked about poor viewer retention on the IMPAULSIVE podcast in the recent months. Just yesterday, Logan Paul announced the first ever IMPAULSIVE live audience show happening in Ohio.

Logan Paul took to his official Twitter handle to break the news to his followers. “IMPAULSIVE’s first live audience, this Sunday in Colombus, Ohio… come watch us do a show, tickets on sale here,” he wrote.

The price of the ticket for the IMPAULSIVE live audience show is $25. The date for the evnt is March 6, 2022 at 3:30 PM local time.

The live venue allows only vaccinated individuals who are above the age of 17 to enter.

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