Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns – Will It ever happen?

Now the chances of seeing Logan Paul and Roman Reigns in the same ring is a big possibility, due to the fact that Paul has signed a good long contract with the company.

At WWE SummerSlam in Nashville, Tennessee, Logan Paul faced off against The Miz, and he put on a performance for the enthusiastic audience to win.

Logan Paul’s Build Up

The Miz’s attack on Paul, whom he had previously worked with as a tag team at Wrestlemania, was as the trigger for the confrontation. In front of a cheering audience in Texas, the duo defeated WWE veteran Rey Mysterio and his son Dominik via teamwork. However The Miz abruptly turned against his partner after that, setting up this weekend’s match so that Paul could get revenge.

Beating the Miz at SummerSlam 22

Logan Paul defeated The Miz via pinfall to continue showcasing his physical prowess and wrestling prowess. When Paul executed a frog splash from the top rope into the announcer’s table, where The Miz was lying down, the fight’s crescendo was reached and people went absolute crazy with the insane execution coming from Logan Paul. The WWE Universe has been very impressed by the spectacular display from Logan Paul and now they are rooting for him to compete non other than Roman Reigns, who is the top dog in the company.

Frog Splash to perfection

The YouTuber used a memorable technique to make his new adversary play as he scaled the top rope executing an impressive frog splash.

The stunned Nashville crowd watched as the Miz was knocked over the announcer desk. He then got flattened by the flying Paul, along with the announcer desk and table. The ever-confident YouTuber admitted after the altercation that he was glad to ‘put his former mentor in his place.’

Reigns beating Lesnar at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns has continued his reign at WWE, being the top performer and retaining the undisputed championship. Reigns was in the centre of the ring as the action began, and Lesnar entered the room with a tractor. Reigns and Lesnar ultimately began to exchange blows when Paul Heyman caused a diversion. Lesnar also used his tractor to lift the whole WWE ring to throw his opponent down. Before Reigns speared his opponent, Lesnar drove Heyman through the announcer’s table. After both contestants passed out, Austin Theory came running to the ring to redeem his Money in the Bank contract. But was stopped by Lesnar with an F-5. Before Reigns received assistance from the Usos to bury the Beast beneath the ring’s rubble and retain the championship, Lesnar successfully contested the count on many occasions.

Now with the WWE contract under Paul’s belt, he should target the likes of AJ Styles, Mysterio or even a non-wrestler like Pat McAfee in order to boost his confidence before his bout against The Head of the Table which is Roman Reigns.

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