Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson: Paddy Pimblett Reacts And Says He Wants To Fight Mike Tyson Too

The world of combat sports has seen major developments in the last one or two years! On top of all the rising trends, we saw the return of one of the greatest boxers of all time Mike Tyson in the ring.

Mike Tyson fought Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match and looked as good as ever! This has prompted many industry experts to think that Mike Tyson would get back in the ring once again sometime soon. Most people guess that he would lock horns against YouTuber Logan Paul.

Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson

Logan Paul has claimed that he would beat Mike Tyson. “It’s a legacy thing and I think I’d beat him, I really do,” Paul said. “A lot of people laugh, but I’d f**king beat him. He’s just too old.”

“At the same time if you beat up Mike Tyson, a living legend, the narrative is you beat up an old man,” Paul explained.

And now, UFC Fighter Paddy Pimblett has jumped on to the bandwagon to express his desire of fighting Mike Tyson! For Paddy, it isn’t a matter of concern whether the fight is in the UFC Octagon or a Boxing Ring!

What Did Paddy Say?

After Logan Paul Vs Mike Tyson, the UFC fighter wants to get into the ring with Mike Tyson too. Here is what he said:

“He’s like fifty-something now. I would fight him. I mean, he can box. Obviously, he can punch my f**king head right in,” he remarked, but teased he could have an advantage with his UFC skills. “But he doesn’t know when it’s coming when I shoot him. I don’t care if it’s a boxing match.”

“That would be sick,” he said. “It would just be an honor. It’s Mike Tyson!”

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