Logan Paul Reveals How Antarctica Youtube Collab With MrBeast Got Ruined

Logan Paul Reveals How Antarctica Youtube Collab With MrBeast Got Ruined

Logan Paul has opened up about how he was scheduled to conduct a Youtube collaboration with MrBeast in Antarctica. However, this seems to have been spoiled by a series of setbacks.

Both Logan Paul and Mrbeast have collaborated on several occasions throughout the years. The YouTubers have collaborated on everything from product reviews and more.

Logan, however, claimed that a planned collaboration between them and a few other famous names was meant to take place in Antarctica. Don’t get too excited as that plan did not work out since a few individuals were sick including MrBeast.

The influencer-turned-boxer revealed, “I’ve been in South Africa. Do you know why I was there? MrBeast is going to kill me. I’ll just say this. We were going to go to the southernmost continent [Antartica] to shoot a video. It’s super cold there.”

He added that ten out of the ten people on the continent tested positive the day before. Logan said, “But guess what? A day before we were supposed to go there to shoot this video, ten out of the ten people on the f**king continent tested positive. Are you kidding me? All of them! All of them tested positive!”

As a result, he added, no one was permitted to set foot on the continent because there were no hospitals nearby if someone had a negative reaction. “You’re just surrounded by penguins!” he laughed.

Not just that but MrBeast also fell sick. “Jimmy ended up getting sick and spending three days in a rural South African hospital where they didn’t speak a lick of English. He got tonsillitis. I can’t believe it!”

However, Logan’s situation did not end up being that severe. He had a great time in Cape Town, calling it the finest vacation of his life. “MrBeast, thank you for providing me with an amazing week. I had so much fun. I have a lot of stories.”

MrBeast, on the other hand, cannot be considered to be the same. He informed Logan that the physicians didn’t pay him much care while he was there, probably because they couldn’t communicate with him.

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