Logan Paul Reveals his $20,000,000 NFT Wallet

Logan Paul is one of the most influential figures on this planet. He is a professional boxer, a Pokemon card collector, and a blockchain investor, in addition to being a YouTuber. He showed the incredible value of his NFT wallet, which would be enough for most people to retire immediately. Logan Paul, like many of his fellow influencers, has been engrossed in the realm of Non-Fungible Tokens, purchasing high-end digital art and even selling it for exorbitant prices.

Logan was not one to miss out on this goldmine, with top producers having millions of dollars worth of NFTs in their wallets. He said that after selling a World of Women NFT for about $765,000 in early January 2022, he barely scraped the bottom of the barrel.

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Logan and the crew discussed NFTs on his Impaulsive podcast about the host’s success as a result of his sales. Logan added that, while he had sold his World of Women NFT for that amount, he has 38 more from the same collection, implying that he could be in for a massive payday.

Mike Majlak, co-host, remarked, “He bought 38 World of Women for roughly 2 ETH.” “Do you remember what the floor price was like when we first started filming this show?” It’s not far away.

At the time of writing, the floor price is slightly under 7.83 ETH, which is almost $22,456. While the title of the video claims Logan’s NFT wallet is worth $20 million, the value of 38 World of Women at 8 ETH is closer to $875,000.

However, as evidenced by his $765k sale, many of his works will not be suitable for sweeping the floor. He may not be making $765k from all of them, but even at floor price, he’s profiting – but he might easily be making ten times that.

Watch the video here!

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