Logan Paul Reveals about his Broken Hand on his Trip to Germany

Logan Paul, a YouTuber turned boxer, has now disclosed how he shattered his hand while being in Germany, including video of the incident and specifics of the situation. Many in the internet world were taken aback when Logan Paul made the leap from YouTuber to boxer, and even more so when he teamed up with long-time boxing rival KSI to launch the hugely popular PRIME sports drink brand.

How did Logan break his hand?

He recently talked about fracturing his hand &, after much conjecture from fans, disclosed how and when he did it. The 27-year-old disclosed that he fractured his hand in a pub in Germany in an Instagram post on June 11th. He gave himself the goal of breaking a record on the in-house arcade boxing machine while he was there. His persistence, however, ended in a shattered hand.

He posted a video of his shattered hand on his Instagram, “The bartender warned me. This was my sixth attempt to try & beat the high score, which was apparently set by the owner of the bar (tbh I think he cheated and took a bat to it). My ego got the best of me and I refused to lose. There was a large cement column RIGHT next to the machine, and I hit it on the follow-through.”

What else did Logan say?

Logan Paul now has a screw down the center of his third metacarpal, which was “shattered” in the collision, as a consequence of the wound.

He went on to say, “I had to become left-handed for a while. You want a challenge? Wipe your butt with your non-dominant hand. Nightmare. After 4 months of physical therapy, I was finally able to make a fist again and now I’m 100% but WOW what an unnecessary accident. HOWEVER… I’m always thankful when life does its annual check on my ego… the worst part about it? I didn’t beat the record, and this attempt was my lowest score.” Although the injury was bad, Logan will recover soon.

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