Logan Paul Reminds Floyd Mayweather To Pay Him For Their 2021 Boxing Match

Logan Paul is one of the biggest social media influencers on the planet, Apart from being a sensation on the internet, he is also into business with his latest venture of PRIME Hydration Drink. The influencer is also an avid collector of Pokemon cards.

Recently, he became victim to a Pokemon cards scam in which he was duped off of $3.5 million. Logan Paul scripted history when he fought the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Money Mayweather, in June 2021.

Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather certainly grossed huge sums of money, be it from ticket sales, sponsorships, PPVs, or what-not. However, the money business from the fight is still not over as Logan Paul accused Floyd of not paying him his money.

Logan Paul Calls Floyd A ‘Dirty Rat’

The YouTuber claims that he still has not been paid by Floyd for their boxing match. In December 2021, Logan Paul sent an alarm to the world that Floyd has cheated him off his money for their boxing match. Later on, Logan Paul even called Floyd a ‘dirty little rat’.

And now, on the latest episode of his podcast IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul has yet again reminded Floyd to pay his fair share.

‘Could You Tell Him To Pay Me’

The guest on Logan Paul’s podcast was Antonio Brown. While in conversation with him, Logan Paul told to Brown “Could you tell him to pay me, bro?

“Just like, the rest of the money.”

“How far up do you think Logan is on the list, would you say?” Co-host Mike Majlak asked.

“Logan gotta be up there,” Brown answered.

“Raise me on the priority list of people to be paid by Floyd,” Logan joked. “Rich, the next check you’re gonna pay Floyd, get it to me!”

Floyd Mayweather has not responded to the accusation by Logan Paul so far. At the time of writing this article, it has been well over six months of their fight that took place in the first half of 2021.

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