Logan Paul Makes YouTube Comeback On His Personal Channel After 7 Months

YouTube sensation Logan Paul had taken a very long hiatus that has lasted seven months! The YouTuber broke his no-content streak on YouTuber yesterday when he finally posted a video on his private channel. Logan, however, has been very active on his podcast channel IMPAULSIVE.

Logan Paul posted a video on his personal channel on January 9 titled: “I Started A Drin Company With KSI”. If you’re not aware, Logan Paul and KSI have launched a sports hydration and energy drink as business partners called PRIME.

Prime Hydration Drink sold out within 4 hours after launch in the United states.

Logan Paul And KSI Bond

In his comeback video, Logan Paul details the origination of the business idea and how he roped in KSI on the project. The American YouTuber also talked about how he and KSI became friends because earlier, they were the most fierce rivals on the Internet.

Logan Paul and KSI also fought against one another in the boxing during the peak hype of influencer boxing. The first boxing match between the two YouTubers ended in a draw while the rematch proved to be a victory for British YouTuber KSI. However, their beef and differences did not continue any further and they settled the beef.

Logan Paul appreciated KSI in the latest video on his channel and also smashed the rumors about a possibility of third boxing fight between the two.

‘We’re Going To Come Together’

“After the podcast with JJ, the content was so rich,” said Paul. “We realized that we f**k with each other. I like the kid a lot.”

“I think we’re at that intersection right now in a positive way, you know?” he explained. “Not beating the sh*t out of each other, which we’ve done twice now on two separate occasions. This time we’re going to come together.”

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