“Logan Paul Is Over” Trends; Here’s Why

If you have been on social media today, you are most likely already aware why it’s trending. Logan Paul invited the former One Direction member Liam Payne to his podcast show titled Impaulsive. The statements made by Payne on the show have shocked the entire internet, with the singer receiving viral hate tweets every hour.

Payne made a lot of controversial statements that angered many fans and hurt some. The fans that were angered made comments like: “Does Liam Payne even have a manager or he’s just free bleeding”, “no one on this planet thinks of liam payne first when thinking of one direction”, ““im the most successful out of the band” liam payne you’re sitting there with logan paul on his podcast while harry is breaking records and is playing at 2 sold out nights at wembley stadium in under 3 weeks”, and “liam payne and logan paul talking ab “zayn being a rude guy” as if one of them didn’t film d3ad ppl and the other literally JUST cheated on his fiancé”.

However the former One Direction fans who adored all the boys equally and loved their bonding are extremely hurt by what they saw/heard on the podcast show. These are the fans that are trending “LoganpaulisOverParty” on twitter today.

Here are some of the comments from the One Direction Fans: “Didn’t you understand ? They want us to forget the love between our boys they don’t want us to be Directioners that’s why they attack Liam Payne”, “Logan Paul is just another attention seeker taking advantage of our boys 😉 See, he’s just happy to see his name trending n doesn’t give a damn abt what he’s done to Liam’s public image!”, and “How can you possibly believe liam pane, a guy who always proud 1d members, play their songs on his live and always talk about his love to them hated zayn or 1d members?; Seriously howw!”.

Look At Some Of The Fan Tweets Below:

One Direction fans believe that Paul is to be blamed for damaging the image of Liam Payne and their sweet memories of the boygroup. However, not everyone believes that as one user wrote, “not liam stans trending #loganpaulisoverparty bc he “ruined” liams image, liam did that himself BYE.” One also said, “Logan don’t give a fuck bout this 😭all these 9-12 year old fan girls 🤣🤣🤣🤣 😭 please make him trend even more, I love seeing these tweets where these 1D fans are crying.”

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