Logan Paul Defends Viral Game Boy Project Amid "Ridiculous" Backlash

Logan Paul Defends Viral Game Boy Project Amid “Ridiculous” Backlash

Logan Paul has defended his $1000 Game Boy Color project, in which the YouTube celebrity turned boxer turned 15 of the famous handheld consoles into an epoxy tabletop, after being chastised on social media for ‘ruining’ it.

Logan Paul spent three months and $1000 on a Game Boy Color project to remember his childhood and love of Pokemon. Instead of receiving praise for his work, he received backlash on social media for allegedly ‘ruining’ copies of the legendary handheld system.

The eldest Paul brother, on the other hand, hasn’t taken the dispute lying down. On his January 5 Impaulsive podcast, he addressed the “ridiculous” response, saying there was no nefarious motive behind the endeavour, as some thought, and that he simply loves Pokemon.

“Throughout quarantine and training for Mayweather I had some free time and I wanted to do something relaxing. I took up art resin, epoxy,” he explained. The influencer further shared that he got into it and took up a couple of projects and got better. He added that he decided to undergo a Gameboy project where he took Gameboy colours.

Logan said, “…so I thought it’d be cool to make a table with some of my favourite things I have”. The Impaulsive podcast host further added, “A lot of people liked it on Twitter, and they were like ‘Logan Paul f**king blows but this is cool’, but then I started trending. You don’t trend for good sh*t, you trend for bad sh*t.”

He said that there were a sub-set of retro gamers who were unhappy that he caked 15 Gameboys that cost him around $1000 in resin. This was because, as per him, they felt like he was wasting the Gameboys and disrespecting nostalgia.

Paul mentioned that he enjoys his Game Boy Color and uses it to relive his boyhood by playing one of the original Pokemon games. The YouTube celebrity believed it was only right to commemorate it in this way, and while there was a lot of criticism, there was also a lot of admiration for the initiative.

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