Logan Paul And Winklevoss Twins Invest In AI Focused Company ‘Metaphysic’

Logan Paul is one of the richest and most famous YouTubers on the planet. He came in 9th on the richest YouTubers list of 2021, compiled by Forbes.

The YouTuber has been a vocal advocate of the ongoing blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, virtual and artificial reality craze. He cashed out over $500,000 in profits by selling his World of Women NFT recently.

$7.5 Million Investment Round

And now, the YouTuber has taken up a new venture: Investment in an Artificial Intelligence company Metaphysic.

Logan Paul, alongside the Winklevoss Twins and Section 32, a firm founded by Bill Maris, who previously started Alphabet’s venture arm took part in an investment round that saw Metaphysic raise over $7.5 million.

Groundbreaking Technology

Metaphysic is the company behind the deepfake videos of Hollywood A-list celebrity Tom Cruise that took the world by storm in early 2021. Metaphysic says that said these deep fake “hyperreal experiences” can be used to connect content creators with their audiences.

The CEO of the firm has said “Together, we will build artificial intelligence and data management tools that let creators import their perception of reality into virtual worlds. Forward-thinking investors and content creators understand that the future of the human experience is heading into the digital realm and, in turn, are excited by Metaphysic’s groundbreaking technology.”

Logan Paul Becomes Victim To Pokemon Card Scam

Recently, Logan Paul became a victim to a Pokemon card scam.

Taking to his official Twitter handle on 20th December, he wrote “Just dropped $3,500,000 on this sealed & authenticated box of 1st Edition Pokémon cards.”

However, soon after Logan Paul announced his new and expensive Pokemon investment to the world, he started receiving messages about the possibility that his cards are fake. Even the famous outlet that covers all-things Pokemon (PokeBeach) reported in their story that Logan Paul’s most recent base set purchase might be fake. (Due courtesy to them).

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