Logan Paul And KSI To Announce Their Collaboration Project On January 3

Logan Paul and KSI are two of the biggest names in the world of entertainment. Both the YouTubers boast a massive subscribers base on YouTube and are super successful in whatever they do in life.

Logan Paul and KSI also fought against one another in the boxing during the peak hype of influencer boxing. The first boxing match between the two YouTubers ended in a draw while the rematch proved to be a victory for British YouTuber KSI. However, their beef and differences did not continue any further and they settled the beef.

Logan Paul And KSI Relationship

Logan Paul has appeared in a video with the Sidemen while KSI has graced the IMPAULSIVE podcast by being a guest. And now the two are going to announce a ‘secret’ collaboration project on January 3.

In the December 21 episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul revealed that he has an important announcement to make with KSI. The YouTuber requested the fans ti ‘pay attention’ to what the announcement is going to be.

While there is no certainty as to what Logan and KSI are up to, fans have already started speculation about the January 3 announcement.

What Are They Up To?

Some fans think that Logan Paul and KSI will be announcing some sort of NFT on January 3rd while others think Logan Paul is going to feature in one of KSI’s music videos.

A small portion of the netizens even think that a Logan Paul Vs KSI III is on the cards. However, this seems highly unlikely as KSI emerged victorious over Logan once and it does not seem like he would be up for the same challenge once again.

Given the total amount of money Logan Paul spent on NFTs this year, it is very well possible that the January 3 announcement is also related to Non-Fungible Tokens as Logan is growing more and more accustomed to the contemporary investment vehicle.

What do you think would be the announcement? Tell us your guesses in the comments.

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