Logan Paul And KSI Launch ‘PRIME’ Energy Drink Company Together – Massive Announcement

Logan Paul and KSI haved taken the internet by storm as they have now become business partners. The two influencers teased a big announcement on January 3 and today, the two came on an Instagram live to spill the beans.

Logan Paul and KSI have launched a new energy drink company in partnership. The energy drink is called ‘PRIME’.

The Instagram live had over 570,000 viewers at peak and lasted less than ten minutes. The PRIME energy drink is available in Walmart, Vitamin Shop, Target, and all over United States. It will soon be in Tesco in the United Kingdom as well.

No Longer Rivals

Logan Paul said that ‘It’s 2022, We Are No Longer Rivals’.

Logan Paul and KSI also fought against one another in the boxing during the peak hype of influencer boxing. The first boxing match between the two YouTubers ended in a draw while the rematch proved to be a victory for British YouTuber KSI. However, their beef and differences did not continue any further and they settled the beef.

Logan Paul has appeared in a video with the Sidemen while KSI has graced the IMPAULSIVE podcast by being a guest. And now the two are going to announce a ‘secret’ collaboration project on January 3.

In the December 21 episode of IMPAULSIVE, Logan Paul revealed that he has an important announcement to make with KSI. The YouTuber requested the fans ti ‘pay attention’ to what the announcement is going to be.

Fan Reactions

When the announcement was not made, fans thought that Logan Paul and KSI will be announcing some sort of NFT on January 3rd while others thought Logan Paul is going to feature in one of KSI’s music videos.

However, all those guesses are busted by the two now.

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