Logan Paul Admits That He Wants To Quit Boxing Forever

The Paul brothers have made insane waves in the world of influencer boxing. The younger Paul brother, Jake Paul, is currently 5-0 in his professional boxing career as a pro fighter. Meanwhile Logan, the elder Paul, also had some insane matches against YouTuber KSI and the greatest boxer alive, Floyd Money Mayweather.

Logan Paul faced off in the ring with fellow YouTuber KSI in 2018. Their first fight ended in a draw and the subsequent rematch that followed was a loss to Logan Paul. However, he went up to a very high level after the fight and got the chance to box in the ring against boxing’s greatest athlete Floyd Mayweather.

Logan Paul lasted eight rounds in the ring with Mayweather. He also is rumored to fight Mike Tyson and Tyson Fury in 2022. But now, the elder Paul brother has revealed his plans of quitting boxing forever. Is it really the time for him to hang his boxing gloves on the wall?

In the recent episode of his podcast IMPAULSIVE, Logan invited his younger brother Jake Paul as the guest and the conversation quickly turned towards Logan’s next boxing opponent.

What Did Logan Paul Say?

“Am I going to box again? What can I do?” Logan said after the topic came up on the ImPaulsive podcast. “We’ve already done some sick things for boxing. I could never box again, really, and be totally fine with it.”

Paul continued: “Boxing has health implications I’m concerned about, I’ll admit that. And Jake is doing everything in the ring for the family. For both of us.”

“Maybe I can just be the cheerleader for you [Jake] now. You do it for us, and I can’t do anything to match that bar. You raised it so far. I can just be the drunk, high brother, and be there supporting you.”

Paul Brothers In Boxing

“The decisions we [the Paul brothers] make in our lives, and we’re so f**king blessed to be able to make decisions like this, aren’t always based on money or clout. We get to do things that we want to do. And right now Jake is doing it. On behalf of both of us. He’s checked a box for the family, and I’m satisfied.”

“I feel it, all the time, I love competition, that drive that comes with fighting. And I’m envious of that. But you’re doing so good of it, I see that work. That’s yours now.”

“Look, I’m saying no, but I can see myself doing it again, sometime. When I see these motherf**kers hitting the canvas, time and time again, there’s this fire in me. I’m sitting there like, ‘Jake is the coolest guy ever,’ and I want to get that feeling again. I can remember it, right now I’m riding it.”

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