Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina in the WWE Main Event (2/23) 

Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina in the WWE Main Event (2/23) 

After the typical WWE signature, the show begins with the Main Event introductory video. As Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick check in on commentary, Apollo Crews (with Commander Azeez) makes his arrival. Veer Mahaan enters the room. 

Apollo Crews vs. Veer Mahaan Result

Azeez throws a distraction from ringside while Crews assaults Mahaan from behind. Mahaan has been struck by crews multiple times. Kicks to the midriff are exchanged. With a shoulder-block, Mahaan brings Crews to the mat. Mahaan is finally sent to the corner by the crew. He links with Crews through a boot. Mahaan slams into Crews and kicks him in the corner. Mahaan connects with Crews in the abdomen with a kick. Crews is splashed in the corner by Mahaan. Mahaan removes Azeez’s apron. Crews Mahaan clotheslines Crews is pinned for the three count by Mahaan.

Liv Morgan is the winner

To finish the broadcast, a RAW recap featuring Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens versus RK-Bros Riddle and Randy Orton is presented. 

Veer Mahaan was declared the winner

Sami Zayn defeats Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship in a rematch from SmackDown. The verbal exchange between WWE Champion and Paul Heyman is included in a RAW recap. 

The entrances of Liv Morgan and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina (with Carmella) are made.

Liv Morgan vs. Queen Zelina 

They’ve shut down. Before shoving Morgan, Zelina temporarily locks in a wrist-lock. On Vega, Morgan ultimately bonds with an Insiguri. From off the turnbuckles, Morgan performs a Missile Dropkick. As Carmella places Zelina’s foot on the bottom rope, Morgan pins her for a two count. Zelina repeatedly stomps on Morgan. 

In the corner, Zelina hits Morgan with a Bronco Buster. Morgan is pinned by Zelina for a two count. Morgan gets the three count after rolling Zelina up with a Modified Roll-Up off the ropes. The Main Event introductory video stared with the typical WWE signature, Then the show begins and the results are mentioned above.

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