Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan Reveals Interesting Facts About Her In-Ring Career

When Liv Morgan won Money in the Bank in 2022 and promptly cashed in to win her first “SmackDown” Women’s Championship, it was the biggest year of her professional life. She is still intent on capturing another WWE championship, but she is also considering what will come after her in-ring career.

In a recent episode of “Out of Character,” Morgan spoke candidly with Ryan Satin about her potential for parenthood. Morgan remarked, “I never thought that for myself.” “Honestly, I have no idea what altered it, and this doesn’t seem like the right time.” Roux, the daughter of Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch, was mentioned by Morgan as someone she had known from birth.

Once Morgan relocated to “SmackDown” over the summer, they continued to see each other every week at “Raw.” She clarified, “This past weekend, we participated in a variety of live events, and I saw Roux. For some reason, it’s amazing to watch how much she’s changed in just eight months. It’s also amazing to see Becky become a mother and realise that she quit her job at the height of her success while still managing to achieve in other areas.

She feel something has been lacking in her life recently

”I’m not sure. In that instant, just by looking at Roux, I started to get baby fever.” Morgan said she had always liked children but had never imagined herself as a mother. Although she is delighted with the direction her WWE career is taking, the 28-year-old admitted that she feels like something has been lacking in her life recently. In the end, Morgan wonders if she will follow Lynch’s example of juggling her work and parenting because she appears so content.

Morgan was unceremoniously defeated by Natalya in the 2019 match after only eight seconds of play. Morgan had a successful 2022, beginning with her victory in the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match in July. On the same evening, Morgan went on to win the “SmackDown” Women’s Championship by exploiting Ronda Rousey. Morgan won his first WWE championship with the cash-in. 

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