Lisa’s Accidental Middle Finger At BLACKPINK Macau Concert Goes Viral

BLACKPINK is one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in the world, with millions of fans who adore their catchy songs and stunning visuals. But sometimes, even the most flawless idols can make a mistake that turns into a hilarious moment.

That’s what happened to Lisa, the dancer and rapper of BLACKPINK, during their Born Pink concert shows at Galaxy Arena in China on May 20 and 21. Lisa was performing on stage with her fellow members when she tried to make a heart gesture with her fingers. However, she accidentally gave the camera a middle finger instead!

Lisa was shocked by her own mistake and quickly changed her hand position. She looked embarrassed and apologetic, but also amused by the situation. Fans who witnessed the incident couldn’t help but find her reaction both adorable and funny. They cheered for her and reassured her that it was okay.

The video of Lisa’s accidental middle finger went viral on social media platforms, especially on Weibo, where it has over 6 million views. Netizens commented on how cute and innocent Lisa was, and how they loved her personality. Some also praised her professionalism for continuing the performance without any hesitation.

Lisa is known for being a sweet and cheerful person who loves to interact with her fans. She often makes cute gestures and expressions that melt the hearts of many. This time, she unintentionally made a gesture that caused a lot of laughter and joy among her fans and netizens. Lisa’s accidental middle finger at the BLACKPINK Macau concert will surely be remembered as a cute moment.

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