LISA Wins The Mubeat Global Choice Award And Makes History In K-Pop

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has proved it yet again that she is one of the finest Female soloist that the K-Pop world has ever witnessed. She has been declared as the winner of Mubeat Global Choice awards.

On Twitter, fans of Lisa are rejoicing the moment as her victory was made possible by the fan pages, loyalists, and lovers. With this award, Lisa has become the first ever female soloist in K-Pop history to get on top of the voting list.

3.3 Million Votes

The most used phrase by Lisa fans on Twitter currently is “Unity is Strength, division is Weakness”.


The K-Pop sensation had over 3.3 million votes at the end., i.e, 35.2% of the total votes The difference between LISA and the second rank ‘TWICE’ was more than 400,000 votes. This cements Lisa’s authority over her competitors.

Twitter is bustling with celebration right now. Some fans wrote “Teamwork makes the dream work, indeed. Thank you LSN, LVT & DREAM TEAM” while others said “QUEEN OF KPOP, GLOBAL CHOICE LISA”.

LISA’s Latest Record

Recently, Lisa’s Money has set another record yet again as it surpassed STAY by Justin Bieber and The Kid Laroi. The song has now become the most used soundtrack for Youtube Shorts with 1.8M shorts created with the track.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s debut solo album, ‘LALISA,’ had surpassed BTS’ Suga’s ‘D-2’; as the most-streamed album by a K-Pop solo act. With over 500 million plays, ‘LALISA’ has eclipsed BTS’ Suga’s ‘D-2’ as the most-streamed album by a K-Pop solo act on Spotify; making it the FASTEST and ONLY K-pop soloist album in history to achieve so!

With only two tracks, Lisa’s first single album becomes the fastest to break the record, doing so in just 132 days. On December 22, Lisa became the fastest K-Pop soloist to surpass 500 million Spotify listens with her three newly released tunes, completing the feat in just 103 days after her solo debut in September.

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