Lisa of BLACKPINK To Feature In A Collab Single With BigBang’s Taeyang

Fans are in for a treat as BLACKPINK’s Lisa is set to feature in a collaboration single with BigBang’s Taeyang in his new album.

The news was revealed by Korean news media outlet OSEN on April 11th, and it has since generated a lot of buzz on social media.The two artists are known to be close-knit seniors and juniors who used to eat together at YG.

This collaboration marks the first time they will be working together, and fans are excited to see what they will come up with. Lisa’s strong singing and dancing skills were showcased in her solo debut single album ‘LALISA,’ released in 2021. She has also previously collaborated with Dj Snake, Ozuna, and Megan Thee Stallion in the single ‘SG.’ However, this marks the first time she is collaborating with a Korean artist, which has heightened the anticipation.

Taeyang, on the other hand, is a popular singer-songwriter and member of the iconic K-pop group BigBang. He recently released a collaboration single titled ‘VIBE’ with Jimin of BTS in January, which was well received by fans.

The collaboration between Lisa and Taeyang is expected to create a unique synergy, considering that they have completely different charms. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear what kind of music they will create and how their different styles will merge. Lisa will also feature in the music video for the song, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.The collaboration single is scheduled to be released at the end of April, and it’s expected to take the K-pop industry by storm.

With Lisa’s popularity as a member of BLACKPINK, and Taeyang’s massive following as a member of BigBang, this collaboration is sure to be a chart-topping success. Fans of both artists cannot wait to see what they will bring to the table with this highly-anticipated collaboration.

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