LISA has now surpassed 600 million streams on Spotify across all credits

LISA has exceeded 600 million Spotify streams across all credits in just 139 days, making her the fastest K-Pop solo artist in history to do so.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s debut solo album, ‘LALISA,’ is streaming on Spotify. With over 464 million streams, ‘LALISA’ has surpassed BTS’ Suga’s ‘D-2’ as the most-streamed album by a K-Pop solo act on Spotify. With over 500 million plays, ‘LALISA’ has eclipsed BTS’ Suga’s ‘D-2’ as the most-streamed album by a K-Pop solo act on Spotify, making it the FASTEST and ONLY K-pop soloist album in history to achieve so!

With only two tracks, Lisa’s first single album becomes the fastest to break the record, doing so in just 139 days. On December 22, Lisa became the fastest K-Pop soloist to reach 600 million Spotify listens with her three newly released tracks, completing the feat in just 103 days after her solo debut in September.

Lisa’s MONEY Sets New Record 

Lisa’s hit song Money has made yet another record as it became the longest-running K-pop Female act and K-Pop soloist song in Spotify India Top 50. It is the only K-pop song in the Top 50 for the past 23 days.

The list includes other Hindi Indian songs where Lisa’s Money is ranked at 31. This is yet another record set for BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Blinks in India who have supported the idol immensely. Congratulations Lisa!!!

LISA of BLACKPINK had a successful year in 2021, which will come as no surprise to Hallyu fans. The youngest member of the mega-popular South Korean girl trio blasted records left, right, and centre with her solo debut, ‘LALISA.’ Her abilities astounded everyone, and she made one of the most spectacular solo debuts of all time.


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