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Lio Rush Discusses WWE’s Bobby Lashley Booking

Former WWE Megastar Lio Rush thinks Bobby Lashley’s current position at the top of the WWE card feels natural. Rush spent some time on the main roster with the All-Mighty, acting as the hype man for the veteran Hurt Business star, and he asserted that while it is a milestone. Bobby should be there in the end.

When they first started working together, Rush was liable for Lashley turning heel, and it was a run that eventually led to Lashley winning the Intercontinental Championship. At the time, the two men were involved in a major feud with Finn Balor for that title, that included Lashley confront Balor at WWE WrestleMania 35, in which Rush was present. However, since their split, Lashley has risen even upward to the card, becoming a former two-time WWE Champion.

He has established himself as a main event player in the industry, and Rush is grateful for his current position. It just feels natural, and I’m glad he is back there; I’m pleased that I was there at a certain point in life and that I positively contributed, and I’m pleased for him, he replied. Rush also believes that some of the things he ended up doing Lashley were taken from and incorporated into what the All-Mighty has done recently years.

WWE Money In The Bank

When it comes to Lashley, the former WWE 205 Live star believes they grew legs and continued to help and advance his career. I’m just pleased for him; I’m pleased what he’s doing is cool, and folks are still speaking about the All-Mighty, the big man, and he’s been doing his poses and all, which is kinda awesome to see, he said.

Lashley is currently engaged in a plotline with Theory, despite winning a gauntlet fight on WWE Raw to earn a match against Theory for the United States Championship at the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank premium live event. Bobby Lashley is back in a film, eleven years from his last appearance, this time going to explore his lucha libre roots. The veteran WWE Champion will appear in Green Ghost as well as the Masters of the Stone, an upcoming action-comedy. Danny Trejo, known best for his lead roles in the movies Machete and Machete Kills, also appears in the movie.

Green Ghost as well as the Masters of the Stone follows Charlie (Charlie Clark), a car salesman by day who moonlights as the Green Ghost, a luchador by night. He eventually realizes that he possesses superpowers and therefore is forced to employ them in order to save humanity from villains who have arrived in town in search of the powers of what is described as an otherworldly emerald. Bobby Lashley makes an appearance in the film as a wrestler who the Green Ghost faces in an underground lucha libre cage fight.


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