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Lilly Singh Ending NBC Late Night Show, Will Star in Netflix Comedy From Kenya Barris

Lilly Singh’s time on NBC’s late-night show has come to an end. The network is ending A Little Late With Lily Singh after the show’s two-season run.

However, the YouTuber will be a part of a first-look producing deal with NBCUniversal’s Universal Television Alternative Studio. She will create unscripted projects for the company. The host will also be focusing on scripted and is said to be developing a comedy series at Netflix with Black-ish creator Kenya Barris.

Lilly revealed on Thursday how excited she is for this next step in her relationship with NBCUniversal. She said, “I’m excited to take this next step in my relationship with NBCUniversal and launch a new partnership between my company Unicorn Island Productions and Universal Television Alternative Studio.”

The YouTuber revealed that this was a career step that she could only dream of when she first started out. She shared she’s looking forward to working with their team to create projects that bring underrepresented voices to the forefront.

Meanwhile, the president of Universal TV Alternative Studio, Toby Gorman added that they are excited to bring more laughter to Universal Television Alternative Studio with Lilly. He noted that Lilly has proven herself as a creative visionary and a storyteller who engages the audience. Toby shared that they are looking ahead to see what exciting projects will be coming to life for everyone to enjoy.

Lilly’s show ran its course for two seasons on NBC. The second season of the show premiered on January 11 with a new showrunner. Neil Punsalan replaced Aliyah Silverstein and there was also an entirely new writing staff as well. This led to the alterations in the host abandoning her traditional desk and couch setup.

“Two years ago, I embarked on the wild journey of late-night TV.”

The host then moved on to a house in Los Angeles that gave her more room to move around as she tried new things. Lilly shared in a statement that she had a desire to shift to longer-form content which is focused on underrepresented stories. She noted this was difficult to achieve while hosting a nightly series.

The YouTuber had replaced Carson Daly in the slot that airs after Late Night With Seth Meyers. According to sources, NBC is rethinking the 1.30 a.m. slot and will be moving away from original talk programming. Lilly was one of the very few women in the late-night phenomenon. The end of her show leads to Samantha Bee and her TBS Show, Full Frontal, to be the only woman to host a late-night series.

It came as a surprise when it was announced that Lily was the choice to replace Carson after his nearly 20-year run. The creator has about 30 million followers on her social media handle and was the only woman to host a broadcast late-night show. She was also the first bisexual woman of color to host a late-night series.

Lilly shared in a statement, “Two years ago, I embarked on the wild journey of late-night TV. I knew this show was about more than me, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and support. Today, I write to you from a similar place of deep gratitude to share some news.”

“I’m so proud of the progress we made in diversifying late night.”

She further shared that she will be focusing on the slate of projects her company, Unicorn Island Productions is developing. The host announced that she will say goodbye to her show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh. She revealed her desire to make longer-form content.

The creator then announced, “I’m thrilled to share that NBCUniversal and I have taken the next step in our relationship by signing a first-look deal between Universal Television Alternative Studio and Unicorn Island Productions. I’m excited about bringing even more diversity to screen in an even bigger way.”

Lilly further shared the news of developing a comedy project with Netflix. She shared that she will be Executive producing alongside Kenya and his team at Khalabo Ink Society. The creator also announced that she will be starring in it as well. In the conclusion, she said, “And to the Late with Lilly crew, I’m so proud of the progress we made in diversifying late night. We’ve given 21 people their late-night debut this season! That’s pretty incredible and it’s been a true honor.”

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