Lil Baby Steps Into Fashion With Launch Of His Own Clothing Brand

Lil Baby has announced the launch of his own clothing line and entered the fashion industry. The Atlanta hitmaker used Instagram to advertise some brand-new items, showing off a fresh fit from his One Million clothing line.

The clothing company also made a purchase announcement on its own Instagram page for the clothes Baby was sporting. The website doesn’t seem to be finished, so it’s unknown what else the company will offer, but Baby’s entry into the fashion industry is not surprising given his propensity for wearing cutting-edge clothing.

Lil Baby On IG

“@1millionthebrand coming trim,” Baby captioned the photo of him in a white graphic T and red above-the-knee shorts. The account he tagged shared the same picture, and merely read: “New 1Million Drop Friday , Hope y’all ready.”

Lil Baby and Killer Mike performed their political smash song “The Bigger Picture” during the 63rd Grammy Awards. The performance was preceded by a recreation of Rayshard Brook’s fatal police shooting.

Lil Baby’s attire selections, when he was spotted donning a Jason Rembert bullet-proof vest covered in diamonds, also called attention to the ongoing problem of police violence.

Designer A-Morir and tailor Griffin Jarrett worked together to create the unique vest, which they later disclosed had been hand-painted and encrusted in more than 20,000 crystals. A matching balaclava that Baby wore was also said to contain more than 3,000 crystals.

In addition to being a style icon, Lil Baby has been quite active in the music industry. He collaborated with Drake and DJ Khaled for the latter’s most recent hit, “Staying Alive,” which this week debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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