Lightyear: New Look At Chris Evans' Buzz In Classic Space Suit

Lightyear: New Look At Chris Evans’ Buzz In Classic Space Suit

Amid all of the other significant announcements; Disney launched its second annual Disney+ Day today; which saw the streaming platform sneak in a new look at Buzz’s outfit from the upcoming Pixar feature Lightyear.

Since the first teaser was published a few weeks ago, there has been a lot of buzz around Lightyear. It rapidly surpassed The Incredibles 2 as Pixar’s second most-watched trailer online in just 24 hours. The film’s development began in 2016, following the studio’s release of Finding Dory. The studios announced the split during Disney’s Investor Meeting in December 2020.

The film Lightyear will show the origins of the hero Buzz Lightyear, but not the toy. Buzz (Tim Allen) is a toy based on a prominent space pilot in the Toy Story universe. This film will explore that person’s origins; and how he got to be so well-known in the universe. So far, no more information about the narrative has been revealed. Chris Evans will play Buzz, and he is presently the only voice cast member confirmed by Disney.

A new banner gave a new look at the legendary Buzz Lightyear costume, which can be seen on Disney+, and was sneakily shown off during the Disney+ Day announcements. While there was no news regarding Lightyear because the film would be shown theatrically; fans were surprised to see a new look of the character. This is the only additional official image for Lightyear that has been released so far, aside from the first look and the trailer. Take a look at the image below:

The new style for Buzz’s outfit is sure to please long-time fans of the franchise as well as those anticipating the release of the film. As previously stated, the suit has all of Buzz Lightyear’s iconic improvements from the Toy Story films. His wings, jet boots, laser, and famous purple headgear; (which he is not wearing in this Disney+ banner) are all present. Pixar is clearly ensuring that the suit looks and feels as close to the original as possible; while still giving it the sci-fi action-adventure film feel that Lightyear appears to be striving for. The film will delve into the history of Buzz’s suit, providing greater context for the iconic space ranger.

While there hasn’t been much marketing for the film yet, it’s wonderful to see it get some attention during Disney+ Day; which is already jam-packed. With the release of Toy Story 4, the Toy Story film franchise appeared to have come to an end; but happily, Pixar has stated that the possibility of another film is not off the table. As the premiere of Lightyear approaches, fans who have been clamouring for more content from the Toy Story universe will get their way.

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