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Read How Portia Antonia Alexis Discovered Her Passion For Mathematics And Became A Well-Known Economist

Naveed Arshad



One of the leading names among the economists, Portia Antonia Alexis is widely recognized as a successful social scientist of her generation. Having worked as a business analyst in McKinsey & Company and Newton Asset Management, she formerly worked at Bank of America and Merrill Lynch as an analyst covering Mergers and Acquisitions. With her interest in Mathematics and Economics, she pursued her post-graduate degree in Economics and is also a member of the Department of Economics, The London School of Economics and Political Science. Moreover, she has been extensively doing research on Economic Mobility and Income Inequality. As a child, she wanted to become an equestrian or a ballet teacher but later she had her inclination towards Mathematics.

Her love for Mathematics took her to a completely different world and today she uses Mathematical Economics to analyse solutions of income inequality. “I was raised in a diplomatic industrialist family where my parents taught me to on using my love of numbers to analyse solutions to improve the greater well-being of society. I chose to focus on what I call ‘people economics’. The world is going through a period of great transformations and it is essential to understand it in more or less close history. This return to social and economic legacies, globalisation and the emergence of the environment are all keys to understanding the difficulties that confront humanity to successfully move forward” says Portia.

Today she is one of the significant names who is analysing economic issues using Mathematical methods. By ‘people economics’, she makes an attempt to tell people their stories using mathematical economic methods. Besides this, she has also made some significant contributions to racial disparities and analysing the methods used to measure human well-being. Some of her important works are Crash Course: Economics (2015), The Academic Agent (2017), Generation Wealth (2018). The business analyst also writes the weekly Economic column for Forbes magazine which talks about the economic issues and how to deal with it.

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