Lia Marie Johnson – Rise To Fame

From being amongst the Top 10 young YouTube stars in 2014 to appear in grand Hollywood movies and television shows, the celebrity we are talking about today is a true talent.

In today’s Rise to Fame, we look at Lia Marie Johnson’s career progression and how she went from being a YouTube Kid to a mega-successful Hollywood singer and actress.

Early Life

Lia Marie Johnson was born in Hawaii in Honolulu city on 23 November 1996.

Her family then moved to settle in California and she spent the majority of her childhood there. She turns 25 this year.

Lia Marie Johnson shot to fame at a young age. She was seen in a host of teenage shows and sketchy comedy series such as the Fine Brothers Kids React Series. But wait a moment! Prior to her appearance in Hollywood, where was she? Well, she was a rising star on YouTube.

Lia Marie Johnson’s YouTube Days

Her YouTube channel exists to date. It was created 14 years ago in 2007 and has over 1.7 million subscribers. However, the channel went on a long hiatus for four years and only became active again during the first half of 2021.

Initially, the YouTube channel was handled by Lia’s mom who posted videos of Lia at talent shows and showcased her singing prowess.

Later on as Lia Marie grew up, she started shifting to a more professional content creation approach on her YouTube channel. Apart from singing covers, she also started to upload comic videos, vlogs, and personal commentary on things that she enjoyed.

More recently, she released three singles after a long break from YouTube. “Lifts” on January 1, 2021, followed by “Nectar” on March 19 and “Venus Sunrise” on April 30.

YouTube Viral Moment

Lia Marie saw an increase in her popularity on YouTube when she appeared on Fine Brothers Kids React Series. Lia calls Kids React to be the first viral video of her career.

People started to recognize her when she went out on the roads and things were now changing. She moved towards becoming a sensational young YouTuber.

In 2014, Lia Marie was named amongst the Top 10 Young YouTubers by American entertainment publication Adweek. She was nominated for the Social Climber Woodie award in 2015 at Woodie Awards.

She uploaded the cover ‘Latch’ by Disclosure on her YouTube channel which received a ton of appreciation from her fans. This prompted her to release her debut single titled ‘Moment Like You’ in 2015.

Lia Marie Johnson Becomes A Music Success

After her success on YouTube, Lia Marie Johnson was invited to Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards and the Kids React spin-off series.

She was featured in Post Malone’s 2016 single video ‘Go Flex’. Lia Marie also appeared in the film Terry The Tomboy.

Other music projects Lia Marie Johnson released were DNA, Cold Heart Killer, Champagne, Moonflower, and Like a God. DNA went on to become a solid hit amongst listeners and garnered over 29 million streams on Spotify alone.

Lia Marie began to be seen as a featured artist in albums and singles from 2016. She appeared as a featured artist on the Polarized track of the album Universoul.

Other titles which saw her as a featured artist were Work for It, Long Road, Dreaming, Up All Night, and more.

Her collaboration with R3HAB for an album titled The Wave was ranked amongst top 35 on the US Dance Charts.

Films And TV Appearance

In 2008, she appeared for a short role in the television series No Man’s Land.

Lia Marie was also seen for one episode in the American documentary-style TV series named When Weather Changed History. She played the role of a granddaughter in the series.

The following year in 2009, Lia Marie landed more roles in films and TV. She was seen playing the role of a soccer player in The Unit, the role of Cheerleader in Tim and Eric Awesome Show, the role of Kim in I Do and I Don’t.

She was seen on Shane Dawson TV in a special episode titled “Hot Teens Go Wild On Degrassi: Part 2″.

An American web transmedia sitcom cast Lia Marie Johnson as character Rayna for 14 episodes. She did a wonderful job there, much to the surprise of the critics.

From 2016-18, she was seen playing the character of Hailey Jensen in the American teen psychological thriller series starring alongside Katelyn Nacon and Lulu Antariksa.

In 2018, Lia Marie featured in a YouTube Red Original Movie called The Thinning: New World Order. She portrayed Ellie Harper in the movie.

Controversies And Relationship

Lia Marie Johnson Instagram handle has attracted many controversies in the past, particularly the speculation that she has gone live on Instagram under the influence of alcohol several times.

Later on, Johnson admitted that she had gone to rehab and remains sober now. Her detox journey is something that she is not very open about but in the end, the fans do see an evident change in her.

There have also been concerns about the relationship between Lia Marie Johnson and her producer Steven Wetherbee. The latter is accused of inappropriately touching Johnson without her consent.

#SaveLiaMarieJohnson was trending on the Internet after Steven Wetherbee was accused of physically exploiting the actress-cum-singer.

Her long-time boyfriend Ryan Bowers died by suicide last year in July 2020. He was a regular appearance in Johnson’s single music videos.

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