Leslie Grace ‘Couldn’t Resist’ To Share The BTS Video Of Batgirl Film

The cancellation of the Batgirl film has left all the fans saddened. The cast and crew too were upset by the scrapping of the movie, they worked so hard on. The stars and directors had already shared messages in regards to the film’s cancellation. Also, a funeral screening was conducted for the cast and crew, to say a final goodbye to the film before it goes into the digital/physical vault.

For Leslie Grace, it was her first debut as Batgirl. Recently, the actress shared a TikTok video about the behind the scene footage from the Batgirl movie. The 15 seconds video consisted of fighting the bad guys, smokey eyes BTS, fake injuries, on wires fight sequence, and Leslie riding the mechanical horse.

Leslie Grace in her caption writes, ‘I couldn’t resist.’ Previously too, the actress shared how proud and blessed she is to be a part of the Batgirl film. She was grateful for the cast members she had and the great bonds she made in the process.

She also gave out a message to fans, thanking them for their love and belief. Further, she adds, ” allowing me to take on the cape and become, as Babs said best, “my own damn hero”. #Batgirl for life!”

The funeral screenings of Batgirl film took place in the Warner Bros lot and it was only for selective people. After the screenings, the movie was taken away to its vault and locked. The location of it is undisclosed, but it’s known that once it’s locked away the tax writes off process will begin. No one has the access to the scrapped movie. The directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El-Arbi have confirmed not being able to salvage the film.

Brendan Fraser Praises Leslie Grace

Fraser praised The Batgirl Actress by calling her a ‘Dynamic’. He says, ” Leslie Grace is her namesake. She’s dynamic”. The 53-year-old actor appreciated Leslie’s great performance in the film.

He says ‘She is a stone-cold professional. You’re going to see more from her. And I’m looking forward to it.’ Leslie Grace while expressing her thoughts about the film has spoken about her dynamic with Brendan Fraser.

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