Leonardo DiCaprio To Onboard Season 2 Of The Korean Show Squid Game?

Today marks the first anniversary of the iconic Korean show Squid Game, which took all the web series by storm. We also get a new update about the upcoming season of the Emmy-winning show as the filming of the show would begin soon.

Squid Games’ second season is in the works and will commence filming in 2023. The Korean show is scheduled to be released in 2024 with its favorite characters reprising their roles. However, there will be new faces in the show as well. Many reports have come surfacing which suggest that Leonardo DiCaprio would most likely be invited to be cast in the show.

Squid Games is one o the top-notch Korean show and even won an Emmy title this very year. The series writer-director Hwang Dong-hyuk has said in an interview with Variety that Leo could be invited for the second season of the Netflix show.

At a press, the series creator was asked if there would be any Hollywood actor in the upcoming season of Squid Games. The series developer said, “There will be no known Hollywood actor in Season 2.” Further adding he revealed the details about the upcoming season saying it is still set in Korea. To add a Hollywood star in season 2 is not the plan yet, but if the stage changes maybe in season 3, he said. Leonardo DiCaprio has stated that he enjoys the ‘Squid Game,’ so perhaps if time and opportunity permit, we can invite him to participate in the games- the director said.

Squid Games 2 is set to commence in 2023 and will hit the small screen in 2024. After the release of the first season, fans have big expectations for the upcoming season. The director has also revealed that there will be improvements in production budgets and the games that will be conducted in the show.

Squid Games

The congratulatory press was held for the Korean thriller show. All the stars of the show were present except the lead actor/ Emmy winner in the show Lee Jung-Jae according to a report by Variety. reports suggest that he was absent due to his ongoing press tour in North America for his upcoming directorial debut ‘The Hunt’ which is taking place at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In addition to Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, ‘Squid Games’ received 14 Emmy Award nominations and six record victories.

The Emmy titles it won were the categories Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series (Lee), Outstanding Directing for A Drama Series (Hwang), Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series (Lee Yoo-mi), Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program, Outstanding Stunt Performance, and the title of Outstanding Special Effects for one episode.

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