Leo Khusro, The Jeweler With The Midas Touch News

Leo Khusro, The Jeweler With The Midas Touch

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March 27, 2020

It cost to frost! A personal branding philosophy that guides the endeavours of jeweler Leo Khusro also known as Leo Frost. He sets himself apart from other professionals in this business line by creating customized watches and jewelry. With a Midas touch to his creations, Leo Khusro has managed to lure a unique segment of customers in the market, sports personalities, entertainers, rappers and athletes.


How does Leo Khusro sustain a brand that reiterates efficiency and a level of a personal touch? Through the years, Leo has boosted his ability to pivot and take orders that are aligned with his ambitions and values. The rationale for this approach has been to make a more consistent impression on his clients. Leo Khusro is doing what he loves most while at the same time making memories that inevitably influence how he tailors his branding message.

It cost to Khusro is a core value and DNA that exemplifies Leo’s venture, and lifestyle. He believes that if anyone wants the finer things in life, then they have to work hard to get them. This is the philosophical aspect that guides him when making business deals with customers. Most of the pieces that he makes are expensive, often reciprocating the effort directed towards coming up with the design. Most of his clients want to express their personalities, interests and fascinations through art, and Leo Khusro is the jeweler who can foster these expectations.

NFL player from Kansas City Chiefs, Jody Fortson, ordered a two-tone custom JF initial pendant made with a 14k gold handset with vs diamonds costing $14,000. Eddie Jackson from Los Angeles Rams ordered a rose gold and white gold Patek Phillipe designed and created by Leo Khusro- The total cost for the product was $175,000. Tennessee Titans wide receiver, Corey Davis, also had a piece made. A 14k two-tone baby red and white gold eye of horus handset with vs pink and white diamonds and a barbed wire Cuban 1k gold; this was worth $37,000. These are examples of items made with a Midas touch by Leo Khusro, confirming his undisputed talent.

It’s not about the money or increasing his customer base in the market. Leo Khusro wants to become a better jeweler, an achievement that will significantly improve the outlook of his brand. He is not worried about competition; instead, he envisions exploring the heights of his potential. Growth is all about adaptability, changing one’s perspective through time. Khusro understands the basis of this statement, based on his flexibility attribute. By meeting different types of customers, he has learned the power of communication, a tool that enables him to express his mindset and appreciate the thoughts of his clients. Indeed, it cost to frost!

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