Legendary Hong Kong Actress Carol Cheng Declares Herself A Fan of BTS Heartthrob Taehyung

Hong Kong actress Carol Cheng, also known as Do Do, has declared herself a fan of BTS heartthrob Taehyung. The 65-year-old actress made a surprise appearance on MBC FM4U’s ‘Song of Hope at Noon, Kim Shin-Young’ on Thursday, where she was asked by a listener which BTS member she likes the most. Cheng responded that she is particularly fond of Taehyung, expressing her admiration for his many talents and hoping to see him pursue more acting opportunities.

Cheng is a legendary figure in Hong Kong cinema, having made her break in TVB Cantonese TV series in the 1980s. Over the years, she has become one of the richest TV actresses in Hong Kong, and is credited with bringing previously unknown actors such as Jackie Chan, Jackie Cheung, and Andy Lau to fame. Cheng has also won numerous acting and hosting awards in both film and television genres, cementing her status as a living legend in Hong Kong cinema.

During the radio show, a listener asked her about her favorite BTS member. Cheng revealed that she likes Taehyung the most among the seven members of the global sensation group. She praised his talents and expressed her hope to see more of him in various fields. “I hope he does more activities. He’s a man of many talents, so I hope we can see more of him not only in music, but also in acting,” she said.

Her endorsement of Taehyung is significant, as the K-pop sensation has been garnering a massive following worldwide. BTS has made waves in the music industry, breaking records and winning numerous awards, including four Billboard Music Awards and two American Music Awards. Taehyung, in particular, has also gained attention for his acting abilities, having made his acting debut in the Korean drama ‘Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth’ in 2016.

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