Lee Seo Jin Talks About BTS Taehyung’s “Bright” Personality After ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ Shoot In Mexico

The show “Jinny’s Kitchen” is about to debut on Amazon Prime Video, and it stars Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yoo Mi, Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS’s V, who work together to manage a Korean restaurant abroad in Bacalar, Mexico. The series will be available to global audiences in select countries. Recently, the cast appeared as guests on a TV show called “The Game Caterers,” where they played games and shared amusing anecdotes about each other during the production of “Jinny’s Kitchen.”

The cast of “Jinny’s Kitchen” participated in a guest appearance on the show “The Game Caterers” on February 20. During the episode, the entire cast engaged in fun and entertaining games and challenges, sharing humorous anecdotes and details about each other during the filming of the show. The atmosphere was lively and full of laughter, as they all had a great time sharing their experiences with the audience. It was an enjoyable and engaging episode that provided insight into the personalities and dynamic of the cast. The show’s light-hearted and entertaining tone perfectly matched the spirit of “Jinny’s Kitchen.”

Lee Seojin disclosed that Taehyung has a cheerful and unsophisticated character. He amused everyone by sharing that Taehyung arrived in Mexico with the notion of enjoying a holiday, unaware of the substantial workload that lay ahead of him.

“This person joined without realizing what this program is about. It seemed as though he came on a holiday. And Taehyung was always so innocent/bright.”

Despite his initial expectation of being on vacation, Taehyung took his role in the show seriously and worked hard as an intern in the Korean restaurant in Bacalar, Mexico. However, Taehyung later discovered that the working hours were longer than what he was initially told, as they were also required to work at night. Despite this, he continued to work hard and take his role seriously. It is clear that Taehyung was committed to the success of the show and the restaurant, even though the workload was more demanding than he anticipated.


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