LeBron James and Crypto.com bringing digital tech to Akron families

LeBron James, the NBA star, has announced a new partnership between Crypto.com and his namesake foundation to help 1,600 Akron students enrolled in the school and participating in his related programmes learn firsthand not only how cryptocurrency works, but also the technology behind it and all the ways it will impact their lives and potential career paths in the future.

Through the work we do with our partners and what we’re doing with House Three Thirty, it’s been incredible to see how many doors we’ve been able to open for my I Promise students and their families, James told through a spokesman. It’s critical to me that we continue to open those doors, particularly when it comes to Web3 and our digital future. I’m still learning as things change, and now that Crypto.com is here, I want to make sure my kids and families are included.

The deal’s exact terms were not disclosed, but the it will last for several years. Adolescents in the I Promise programme, which aims to keep academically at-risk students in school and on track to acquire not only a high school graduation but also a college diploma, will learn about technology and related career fields from specialists offered by Crypto.com in virtual and in-person settings.

As part of the foundation’s holistic approach to concentrating on individual children, siblings, and parents to help develop better and more stable families in Akron, where James grew up, the cooperation and training opportunities will extend not only to the students, but also to their families.

Our economy, sports and entertainment, the art world, and how we interact with one another are all being transformed by the blockchain technology. I want to make sure that communities like mine are not left behind, James explained. Crypto.com and I agree that educating and supporting the community with the information and resources they require for inclusion is critical. I’m excited to collaborate with them to bring these opportunities to my people.

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