LeafyIsHere Hints At Making A YouTube Comeback

LeafyIsHere was once considered one of the most elite YouTube commentators but everything went downhill when he was banned from the platform of August 21, 2020.

After returning from a hiatus, LeafyIsHere allegedly posted videos that harassed other creators [Pokimane and Keemstar] due to which he was banned on YouTube.

“Account Reinstated”

He was also banned from Twitch after making several attempts of baiting the site into banning him. But now, it seems like LeafyIsHere might make a return on YouTube very soon.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, the social media star wrote “Holy s**t, account reinstated lol.”

If you’re wondering that it has been a long time since LeafyIsHere has not uploaded and his audience must have left, you’re mistaken. The tweet has garnered over 35k likes signaling that his fans still want to watch him make a comeback.

He also said “Sometimes I miss YouTube. I considered making a new channel but clearly, others have had the same idea.”

Podcast Soon

The influencer has also revealed in a tweet saying ‘Podcast soon’ which possibly hints towards him laucnhing a new podcast rather than going back to his usual form of content.

Just before Leafy’s ban from YouTube, Hasan took aim at the creator for having it “too easy” and called him out for attacking other creators.

It’s unclear what the controversial YouTuber has planned, so we’ll have to wait to see what he decides in the coming days.

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