Latest Update On Logan Paul's Injury And WrestleMania Plans

Latest Update On Logan Paul’s Injury And WrestleMania Plans

The upcoming Royal Rumble premium live event is where WWE reportedly approached Logan Paul about participating in a match or making an appearance. As per the reports, as of last week, WWE was “wishing to have him Logan prepare for an upcoming match.”

However, the news source had not heard “any strong details on the plan” WWE had developed for the crossover superstar. In any case, WWE is said to be “hoping a celebrity talent is back in time” before WrestleMania 39. Paul, who most recently competed in a highly regarded match against Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, revealed several post-match injuries following the event in Saudi Arabia, raising doubts about his immediate future in the ring.

CryptoZoo scam

Paul’s injuries, according to the report, were impossible to diagnose because of torn ligaments and muscles in his knee. Later, Jake Paul revealed that Logan was receiving treatment in Los Angeles for MCL and meniscus injuries and that his injuries were not as severe as “initially expected.”

Since his last WWE match, Logan has come under heavy fire on social media for the release of his NFT-based game, CryptoZoo, which YouTuber Coffeezilla called “the biggest scam” and inoperative despite having raised millions of dollars from investors. A video disputing the accusations and a threat to sue Coffezilla would subsequently be released by Paul.

He would eventually take down the video and apologize to his supporters, backers, and detractors. Despite Paul’s alleged involvement in the CryptoZoo scam, the report further stated that the controversy “had no bearing on WWE’s decision to use him.” If the price is right, Karrion Kross wants to get his hands on a new WWE star. Kross stated, “I would be delighted to face Mr Paul.”

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