Last Of Us: Series Perfectly Captures Horrifying Details Of Ruined World

Last Of Us: Series Perfectly Captures Horrifying Details Of Ruined World

The Last of Us has made fans of the game thrilled with the premiere episode itself. They perfectly laid the foundation for all the things to come. Some fans have already deemed it the ‘best game adaptation ever’.

And to be honest, fans are not wrong as the series has so far incorporated various elements that make it monumental. The second episode of the series took the story ahead in a haunting way. The final moments of the premiere had seen Joel played by Pedro Pascal, Ellie played by Bella Ramsey, and Tess played by Anna Torv take on a new journey.

But they take the chance of going through danger to find a cure for the Cordyceps. The second episode then expands to a world Neil Druckmann created for the video game series. However, the amazing thing about the series is that it focuses on all the characters.

This episode starts with a flashback sequence where viewers see Jakarta and get to know where the first time the infection came into the human world. After the inspection of the virus, the scientist lets people know that there is no cure for this infection.

The episode also delivers the sequence fans were waiting for, the introduction of clickers. Even the clickers look mortifying and scary, just like they did in the game, and sound even scarier. The clicker melee is taken straight out of the game and has a shot of Ellie and Joel crouched together.

The latest episode does take a sad turn just like the game as viewers find out what happened. It has the same deep and tragic exchanges that are beautifully complex.

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