Lana Del Rey Defends Herself After Comments On Trump & Capitol Riots

Lana Del Rey has defended her recent comments about Donald Trump’s presidency and the riot at the US Capitol. She said that her comments were taken out of context as she defended herself against the criticism on social media.

The singer said in an interview with BBC1 Radio that the President didn’t know he was inciting the violent mob in Washington DC. She also claimed that his divisive presidency needed to happen in America.

Lana told the host, “The madness of Trump, as bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change, but sociopathy and narcissism.”

The singer described the Capitol riot as ‘disassociated rage’ which caused the deaths of five people. The said rally took place right after the ‘Save America’ rally held by Trump. He said, “We’re going to have to fight much harder” and “You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

Lana usually gets wrapped up in a controversy, defended her comments, and set the record straight. She was called on by multiple sources for interviews for her seemingly sympathetic view of Donald Trump and the rioters.

The singer explained on Twitter that what she was describing to the BBC was that Trump is so impaired that he may not know what he was doing. She explained, “…What I was describing to theBBCwas that Trump is so significantly impaired that he may not know what he was doing due to his significant lack of empathy and the wider-ranging problem is the issue of sociopathy and narcissism in America.”

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“I don’t appreciate the larger magazines taking my well-intentioned comments out of context”

Lana shared that she does not appreciate it when larger magazines take her comments out of context. She said it is something she sings about a lot as she shared that it is what she has been condemned for. The singer shared that people can listen to the entire interview.

She explained, “I’ll say it again I don’t appreciate the larger magazines taking my well-intentioned and believe it or not liberal comments out of context. It’s actually what I sing about quite often. It’s what I’ve been condemned for saying. You can listen to the entire interview.”

The singer concluded as she directly addressed the outlet that published her interview. She shared that she does not appreciate Complex Magazine suggesting that she thought it was right to storm the capitol. “After my long-term relationship with them and exclusive interviews over the last 11 years I think it’s pathetic if Rolling Stone chimes in-same goes for them,” she concluded.

Lana also posted a long video on her social media handle as she commented on how she feels she is perceived in the media. She expressed her displeasure on being painted as a “white republican who’s always been given everything and supports the incite of the Capitol riot”.

The singer shared that she grew up struggling and working hard as she had nothing. She further added that she does not get it and thinks that it’s easy to paint this picture because of the way she looks. The songstress shared that she struggled to become the genuine singer-songwriter she is.

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“People do not last a long time in my workplace…”

Lana also addressed why she feels it’s necessary to address these comments. She talked about her staying power in the industry and felt the need to fight back. The singer said, “People do not last a long time in my workplace…it’s fun to tear people down, but it really discourages them from moving onto their next project”

She explained that it is her story and she is telling it as she also pointed out; she is the wrong person to come for when it comes to being inclusive or liberal. The singer further added that she always focused on the music, however, if people want to make it political, she is here for it. She suggested critics watch the 40-minute interview again.

‘So…I don’t want to have to focus on this, but it is what it is. I’d love to get the point one day where we just talk about the music; but until that day, I want you to know my story,” the singer explained. In the caption, she simply urged people to talk about it and get it out of their systems.

The social media activity comes after another post from Sunday; regarding the cover for her new album Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

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