Lady Victoria Believes That COVID Vaccines Are A Plot By Bill Gates To Depopulate The World

Model Lady Victoria Hervey has publicly shown her support for the COVID conspiracy. In an interview with Daily Mail, Lady Victoria has talked about what she thinks about the pandemic and why the vaccinations against coronavirus is just a plot by Bill Gates to depopulate the world.

Lady Victoria is a socialite, model, an aristocrat and the former ‘IT’ girl. She is the daughter of the 6th Marquess of Bristol, half-sister of the 7th Marquess, and sister of the 8th Marquess and Lady Isabella Hervey.

‘It’s Completely Hyped’

‘It’s completely hyped! The biggest worldwide conspiracy that ever happened,’ comments the former IT star.

She has revealed that she is not a believer in the effectiveness of masks and face coverings as well. Just the last week she was sent out from a chemist store in Los Angeles for not complying with the mask requirements.

After a brief exchange of words with the guard on duty at the store, Lady Victoria left the place. ‘The security guard in the shop called me over and told me I had to leave because I didn’t have one on. I stormed out’, she said.

Why Does Lady Victoria Not Wear A Face Mask?

The right to liberty! Freedom. This is the argument of Lady Victoria Hervey. She believes that wearing a face mask is an attack on her personal liberty and curtailment of her freedom.

She wears it if she deems it to be needed. Here’s a picture of her in face mask while she was out on a walk:

Lady Victoria Hervey takes no chances with coronavirus and wears mask | Hot  Lifestyle News

The model is 44-years old and has emphasized on ‘natural immunity’ at this age. But there’s something that does not add up here. You may ask what’s that?

Well, Lady Victoria herself was engaged in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) business during the initial outbreak of COVID. Upon being asked about this, Victoria explains that she did a little bit of a pivot.

She also added: ‘But no, it doesn’t reflect any hypocrisy! I was selling it to hospitals, not to people out walking their dogs or shopping.’

COVID Vaccine – A Plot By Bill Gates?

When asked about whether or not she will be taking the COVID vaccine, she gave a straight-up answer. NO WAY, Lady Victoria said.

Interestingly, she went on to say that ‘this is one of Bill Gates’ goals, to bring out this vaccine to depopulate the world.’

With the outbreak of the global pandemic, there had been several conspiracy theories seen on social media. A prominent one amongst these theories had Bill Gates as it’s main character. No one knows if he is the protagonist or the antagonist. There’s simply no substantial evidence to be found regrading such theories.

Bill gates has previously responded to these conspiracies saying “I’m very surprised by that [and] I hope it goes away.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has contributed over $1 Billion in fight against COVID.

Is Lady Victoria Hervey An Anti-Vaxxer?

You must be thinking Lady Victoria is an anti-vaxxer because of the claims she has made and the conspiracies she supports. But it’s not what you think!

She is not an anti-vaxxer. She does not completely rule out the use of vaccines. Lady Victoria clarified herself when she was asked about the Royal Monarch of the UK (Queen) taking the jab.

GIRL ABOUT TOWN: Eternally single Lady Victoria Hervey sets a date next  year... for getting pregnant | Daily Mail Online
Courtesy: Featureflash SHM/REX/ ShutterStock

‘I can understand why elderly people would want to have it. And I’m not a traditional anti-vaxxer myself. Every time I’ve gone to Africa or Asia I’ve had vaccines for diseases like yellow fever,’ Victoria explained.

‘I’m Not Going To Be A Lab Rat’

In conversation with Daily Mail, Lady Victoria discussed her personal life, career, beliefs and of course, this COVID conspiracy.

‘I’m not going to be a lab rat. OK, let’s see in two years’ time,’ she challenged.

‘Years ago there were posters encouraging pregnant women to smoke and pharmaceutical companies were giving out heroin pills. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the vaccine years down the line so all I’m saying is let’s step back and wait and see.’

What Else Did Lady Victoria Say?

She also discussed about her motherhood. She is planning to be a single-mother. This is anoher reason that has been ringing the bells in the back of her mind regarding the COVID jab.

Six of Lady Victoria’s eggs were frozen and stored three years ago. The entire procedure costed £11,000. It was done so that Lady Victoria could become a single parent if the right man still hadn’t shown up in time.

Lady Victoria tells that COVID has messed up all the plans of her embarking upon the parenthood journey alone. In the past, she has been in relationshipwith Sean Stone. When things didn’t work out, there was Seb Bishop, formerly CEO of Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle company Goop; and also actor Nathan Roberts.


She has finally got a donor for her eggs as well. ‘I’ve known him for a long time,’ Lady Victoria said (without revealing the name of the donor).

Would it be an idea, then, to try for a baby the natural way? ‘Well yes, possibly,’ she concedes. ‘I’ll decide all this in the coming weeks and months.’

Has she named the anonymous donor/daddy yet? Well..

‘Well he’s not American or British,’ is all she revealed. ‘That’s it for now. You know how shy these men are. I’ve been very private these last few years because the attention I get just scares them off.

‘But I’m very excited. I really want to get going.’

Recently, Lady Victoria was spotted in LA at the Chateau Marmont Hotel with Television Personality Sean Borg The long-time friend’s reunion in LA was the first time they were seeing each other in a year. They weren’t able to meet in person due to COVID pandemic restrictions all over the world.

Lady Victoria has quite a lot going around in her life. We wish her all the very best in whats coming up!

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