Lady Gaga To Play Joaquin Phoenix “Partner In Crime”, Harley Quinn In Joker 2

As Joker 2 was officially confirmed last week, with Todd Phillips posting the screenplay cover and Joaquin Phoenix reading it in another photo on Instagram, fans are excited about what the new film will be about. With Joaquin Phoenix returning to reprise the role of Joker, do you know who is in talks for playing Harley Quinn?

It’s none other than the Bad Romance singer Lady Gaga. Yes, you heard that right Lady Gaga will join the cast of Todd Phillips Joker 2.  It’s expected that Harley Quinn will be back for the musical sequel and she won’t be playing the same version of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn but a different one. Lady Gaga is in talks for the role the deal is yet to be closed.

The new sequel of Joker was given the title of “Folie à Deux”. The meaning of the title refers to a mental condition or a delusion disorder that is shared between two people or even more. The Joker 2 is not the same as the previously made movies, but it will be a musical sequel of the Joker, and who better than Harley Quinn to partner with Joker in this madness.

Many people also speculated the title is a reference to Batman but now it doesn’t seem so with the talks of Harley Quinn joining.  Joaquin Phoenix plays the role of Arthur a.k.a Joker, he has also won an Academy Award for his iconic role of Joker. Not just that but the film also received a total of 11 nominations out of which they won 2. It would be great to see him returning back. 

With the title and sequel confirmed we don’t still know who all will be joining the cast and what will be the story revolving around. In the last movie, we got to see Arthur in a mental asylum narrating the story to the psychiatrist, and later the bloodstain footprint reference to him killing the psychiatrist and walking through the corridor while dancing a little.

It would be great to see the two big stars joining in for the role of DC’s two favorite characters Joker & the Harley Quinn.

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