Lady Gaga Hopes ‘We Focus To Impeach Trump’ Following Riots

Lady Gaga came together with the voices that are calling out for the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump from office. The singer took to her social media to encourage her fans and lawmakers to continue the move of impeachment.

This decision was in opposition to the suggestion of presenting the idea of his removal by invoking 25th Amendment. She wrote hoping that everybody focuses to impeach Trump so Congress has constitutional authority to possibly disqualify him from future election. The singer noted, “The #25thAmendment doesn’t disqualify him.”

Gaga also reminded people how he incited domestic terror. She wrote, “He incited domestic terror—how much more violence needs to happen? This is terrorism.” The singer’s post comes a day after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building.

They claimed election fraud and protested the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral college victory. The exchange led to the death of 5 people including one police officer while 13 police officers were injured.

National Guard was called to protect the Capitol and D.C. was under curfew. Congress eventually had to reconvene for the Electoral vote count by 8 p.m. ET. Joe Biden was declared the victor of the election.

Celebrities have been vocal about the violence that took place. They have demanded Trump’s impeachment and removal from office.

Selena Gomez had also called out social media platforms for their role in the riots that took place in the U.S. Capitol building. The Congress was in the middle of the proceedings of certifying the electoral college vote counts for President-elect Joe Biden.

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Selena Calls Out Social Media Platforms

She shared a message on social media as she explained why she feels that the platforms and their execs contributed to the behavior that led to the insurrection. TheRaresinger shared how today was the result of allowing people with hate in their hearts to use social media platforms.

Selena said the platforms are supposed to bring people together and allow people to build community. She tagged Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, and Susan Wojcicki. The singer claimed they have failed the American people today as she hoped for a fix moving forward.

TheRare Beautyfounder had tagged the executives in her caption. This came hours after thousands of people took to the Capitol as they stormed barricades and confronted the police. These riots were after Donald Trump addressed his supporters as he falsely claimed the 2020 presidential election had been stolen.

He told the crowd that he was the winner even after no evidence being there to support his claims. After the disgraceful riots, social media platforms locked Trump out of his accounts in response to posts deeming to be a violation of their content restrictions. Trump addressed the riots in a video posted by him where he asked his supporters to go back home.

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