La Thick Madame Boutique is revolutionizing fashion powered by Shana Shackelford

Fashion empowers people, unlike any other component or object in the world. When a person buys a piece of clothing, in essence, it symbolizes their personality and state of mind. Fashion and music maintain a unique bond that links to ‘therapy.’ Shopping therapy is built into every woman’s DNA, customarily fueled by pain.  Building an empire requires patience, discipline, an iron-cast stomach, and unparalleled vision.   

La Thick Madame fills a unique void inside the fashion world.  La Thick Madame Boutique clothing and fashion designs are crafted from female emotional intelligence. Buying clothing is 100% personal for a person because it is an endorsement of their own taste. 

Every designed clothing and accessory at La Thick Madame Boutique reflects the mindset of a self-made empress.  Diversity is attractive and creates an aura of confidence, which produces swag.   

The clothing of La Thick Madame adapts to any event or occasion.  It doesn’t matter if you desire a customized summer dress, maxi dress, or jumpsuit; you’ll own the moment with La Thick Madame. 

Shana Shackelford understands and embraces the high expectations of being a black female entrepreneur. La Thick Madame Boutique is revolutionizing fashion in 2020, empowered by a bold CEO ambitious vision.

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Jonathan P-Wright

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for several mainstream media sites and based in Palo Alto, California.

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