L.Rucus Is A Rising Star That Needs to Be on Everyone’s Radar

The Bay Area rapper L.Rucus is one of the most underrated music artists on the internet but has already proven himself a genuine asset to the music industry.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the music industry, L.Rucus has managed to garner a large fan base, create collaborations with a variety of talented artists and perform alongside one of his musical influences, Big Krit, for his ‘A King Remembered In Time Tour’. “I am still growing but hard work and consistency is paying off.”His musical influences include Nipsey Husstle, Big Krit, Mozzy, Kendrick and J. Cole.

“Appreciating their music helped me in finding my own sound,” he said. He has a future collaboration with Mozzy that will be released soon.

Drawing from mostly personal experiences, L.Rucus uses music to express his successes, failures, happiness and depression. Witnessing his father’s battle with alzheimer’s as a child and later passing had rippling effects on him.

His death hit me hard. It was hard as a boy seeing your father in a state like that,” he said. “After that, just learning to move past it, deal and accept it to grow as a person and put my mind in a better place was a real challenge. Music helped a lot in dealing with my pain.

Life struggles have instilled in him that life will throw obstacles your way that will hit you hard but it’s up to you to either allow it to keep knocking you down, or to get up and swing back. He believes his time is coming sooner rather than later.

L.Rucus has released a variety of projects demonstrating he is multifaceted musical artist.The freedom of self expression in his music has allowed him to create songs that his fans can connect with.

His new single called “What you say” from his EP titled, “Danger” is available now on all streaming services.


You can listen to it now on Youtube. Also make sure to follow his Spotify.