L.A’s Top Artist/Actor/Model Quiggle Ignacio Teams Up With Celebrity Entrepreneur Simon Tizon to Take on the World

Quiggle Ignacio is deeply considered one of the hottest L.A Actors crushing it. Currently, this 4 time Vogue Model is putting her life on the line battling this COVID Pandemic nursing others to recovery. If there was a real-life superhero it would be Quiggle.  After having her life story featured on GMA she’s ready to make her impact on the world. 

She plans to influence millions using her music that’s been produced by platinum producers who’ve worked with Arianna Grande and Adele. 

She said “Simon is really great at what he does, and together we’ll be able to influence millions”.

Simon Tizon is widely known as a Top Entrepreneur in the world. He’s also well-respected in the entertainment industry often targeted as a celebrity crush. Besides his good looks and charm he brings a strong presence known for helping talent, entrepreneurs, and brands level up. 

He said, “I’m very excited to team up with very talented Quiggle and I can’t wait to see our impact”.

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