Kyrie Irving Responds To The Boos From Celtics Fans

Kyrie Irving is regarded as one of the best players in the league, and there’s no doubt that he’s an unstoppable player when he is on song. He has the best handle in the league and is well-known for being a great shot-creator. 

Inspite of his abilities on the basketball court, there are some fans that dislike Kyrie Irving. Undoubtedly, Boston Celtics fans generally are among that group, due to Kyrie Irving’s actions towards the Celtics when he was part of the team, and after he left. In the last season, Kyrie Irving stomped on the Boston Celtics logo after a dominating performance, after which he received a lot of flak for this action from fans and analysts alike.

Recently, Kyrie Irving received boos during the match between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets. Celtics fans repeatedly chanted “Kyrie sucks” during the game, and it is clear how much they dislike him after that distasteful incident.

Kyrie Irving Compares The Boos From The Celtics Fans’ To A “Scorned Girlfriend”

Kyrie Irving has recently commented on the boos he received from the Boston Celtics crowd, comparing it to a “scorned girlfriend” who is “asking for an explanation” about why he left.

Kyrie Irving said: “Its like a scorned girlfriend, asking for an explanation why I left but still wanting a text back.”

Undoubtedly, Kyrie Irving isn’t amused with the boos from the Boston Celtics fans and retorted in his own style. Irving left the Boston Celtics in free agency not before he verbally committing to the franchise, so it’s not hard to understand why some people are upset with him among the fanbase.

Kyrie Irving’s major focus now would be to help the Brooklyn Nets get more victories under their belt in the upcoming days and solidify their position as a play-in tier team. The Brooklyn Nets are widely considered as the most talented team in the Eastern Conference play-in tournament, especially when fully healthy. They are a team known to put some noteworthy performances but they need to hit their straps quickly as they are currently placed at the 9th seed. Hopefully, we’ll see them string together some wins ahead of the postseason.  

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