Kyrie Irving pushes back over his career that he does not like to work or is not a team player

The NBA has come to view Kyrie Irving as one of its most unpredictable and untrustworthy stars. The Brooklyn Nets in particular, have accused him of being a diva who is difficult to deal with and wouldn’t make compromises for his group.

He allegedly lost out on a massive $250 million agreement with the Nets due to his notoriety. Despite the fact that almost all basketball observers are in awe of Irving’s abilities, they were unable to ignore the erratic point guard’s numerous off-court problems.

The seven-time All-Star defended himself in a video by Big Facts Entertainment against the criticisms he has received over the years:

“Now of course, the last several years, I wasn’t able to participate in or play in every game. I’m currently balancing this “stigma” over my career. Is it truly a “stigma”? that I dislike working, participating in group activities, or carrying out this task? Oh, no, no, no.

I am taking care of everything else that will help it thrive, so I know that the basketball part will take care of itself.

Due to injuries, going missing, a suspension, the vaccination scandal, and other factors, Kyrie Irving has only appeared in 103 games throughout his three seasons with the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden also appeared out of shape before finally leaving, so Kevin Durant had to carry the club without Irving for the most of last season.

Despite all of that, Irving informed the media that he wanted to co-manage the team after the Boston Celtics swept the Brooklyn Nets. Several weeks later, Brooklyn didn’t even make him an enormous contract extension that he was certain he would receive.

Whether it is unfair or not, the “stigma” Kyrie Irving was alluding to won’t go quickly. In addition to the Brooklyn Nets, he will need to gain the confidence of the whole NBA, with the possible exception of the LA Lakers.

The “Uncle Drew” scandal may have left the Nets so traumatised that they were willing to let him leave after the next season.

Even if Kyrie Irving behaves himself next season, teams could still be hesitant to give him a long-term contract

Drama from several seasons can’t just be swept under the rug. NBA clubs have closely observed what Kyrie Irving’s Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and Brooklyn Nets went through.

Even if he wins a championship with the Nets before becoming pro, a long-term contract might not be feasible.

On “The Odd Couple” podcast, Chris Broussard outlined why the seven-time All-Star would not receive a max contract the next offseason:

You can’t just assume Kyrie will think logically because you’re applying logic. However, Kyrie must come out and play well as well as be professional, on time, a good soldier, and a good teammate if he ever wants to win a bag again.

Kyrie Irving could have already lost all of the equity he had built up over his first few seasons in the NBA. Over the upcoming seasons, he will need to demonstrate that the “stigma” that has been attached to him is only unfair criticism.

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