Kyrie Irving Message To President as Brittney Griner Is Given A 9-Year Sentence

The WNBA player Brittney Griner was found guilty and given a nine-year prison term in Russia, according to press reports that surfaced on Thursday. People from all across the world were startled and appalled by that. Griner was found guilty of narcotics possession and willful importation into Russia. She is said to have been utilised by Russia as a pawn in their conflict with Ukraine.

She is allegedly one of many Americans who have been “wrongfully arrested” by Russia and are being used as pawns in the increasingly acrimonious diplomatic standoff between Moscow and Washington, according to the U.S. authorities. The Biden administration proposed a prisoner swap that would have involved Ms. Griner, but Russian authorities objected, saying it was too soon to talk about a deal while her case was still pending.

Kyrie Irving, the standout point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, tweeted his opinion on the Griner situation as soon as the news emerged.

What actually is going on with our Queen, @brittneygriner, @potus, and @vp? Please provide us with an update,” tweeted Irving.

Irving is obviously looking to President Biden and his team for solutions. He is not alone in this. In a prior statement, President Biden called for Griner’s release once it was determined that her detention was illegal. The administration of President Biden purportedly has been working behind the scenes to arrange a prisoner exchange.

According to earlier reports, the US has already made Russia an offer to release both Paul Whelan and Brittney Griner. Something similar has happened before, so it wouldn’t be the first time. Before starting any discussions to swap any detainees, including Griner, the Russian government had said that they wanted the trial to proceed and be treated seriously.

They are probably going to talk now that Griner’s trial is over. It’s probable that Maria Butina will need to be involved in the transaction on behalf of the United States. Butina was previously found guilty of conspiring to infiltrate right-leaning U.S. political organisations with the intention of furthering Russian objectives after entering a guilty plea in an American court. Although it is undoubtedly not ideal, President Biden is coming under increasing political pressure to send Griner home.

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