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Kylie Jenner Clears Up ‘False Narrative’About Makeup Artist’s Bills

Kylie Jenner took to social media to clear up a false narrative; after fans accused her of not donating for makeup artist in need of monetary assistance following a devastating car collision.

The makeup mogul has now come out and gave her piece of mind about the incident. She took to her Instagram stories; as she detailed the entire event that led upto her decision to share a crowdfunding site. It was set up for the makeup artist, Samuel Rauda after he was involved in an accident that needed him to be in emergency surgery.

This caused his family who had initially set up the GoFundMe page. She explained that it is important for her to clear up any false narratives that have been spewed around. The beauty mogul explained that the false narrative of her asking her fans to pay money; and not paying the makeup artist’s medical bill herself has been doing the rounds.

Kylie also received backlash for not donating enough as she donated $5,000 to the campaign. Critics said it was only a percentage of what the family was trying to raise for his medical costs. Her followers criticized the makeup mogul for not doing enough to help with her plethora of wealth. However, she attempted to rectify the entire situation.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder explained that Sam is not her makeup artist and unfortunately they don’t have a personal relationship anymore. She added that she had worked with him a few years ago and she described him as being “the sweetest”.

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“Anyone that knows me knows that I do things from the heart…”

Kylie further explained, “I saw my current makeup artist and friend Ariel post about Sam’s accident and his family’s gofundme and i called Ariel immediately to see what happened to Sam.” She further added that after learning more in detail about the incident and that compelled her to go and visit the donation page set up for him.

She revealed that it was set for 10k and they had already raised 6k so she put in 5k to reach the original goal. The makeup mogul shared, “After learning in more detail about the accident it compelled me to visit his gofundme; which was set at 10k. They had already raised 6k so i put it in 5k to reach their original goal and thought i’d post on my stories to gain more awareness if anyone else felt compelled to share or donate.”

Kylie explained further as she shared that she does not know how all of that got twisted but his family has reached out through Ariel. She shared that they are very appreciative of all the donations, prayers, and love that he got. In another post, Kylie wrote: “Anyone that knows me knows that I do things from the heart and I try to be helpful whenever I can be. Let’s all stay positive and keep Sam, his family; and anyone you know who is going through a difficult time in our prayers. I hope you have a beautiful day and let’s encourage each other to help.”

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Kylie’s Plea For Samuel

The makeup mogul first shared the site over the weekend to her millions of followers. She wrote, “May God watch over you and protect you @makeupbysamuel everyone take a moment to say a prayer for Sam who got into an accident this past weekend. And swipe up to visit his families go fund me.”

Sam’s GoFundMe Page was established by Johanna Portillo and has changed its goal multiple times. And it is set up at the moment for raising $100,000 with all proceeds that will benefit Sam’s road to recovery.

“He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. I know he is loved by many,” the site said. “Your donations will help cover the cost of his medical expenses and what’s to come. Please know that a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.” 

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