Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott Display Ideal Parenthood, After Their Second Child

Travis Scott and Kylie are one of the favorite couples of the H-Town. The couple welcomed another family member with their second child in February earlier this year. The couple is reportedly getting along better than ever as partners and co-parents as they’ve gotten used to life with two young children.

Seems like the couple is on the path to becoming the ideal parents of the H-town. It has come to the light by a source that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have mastered the skills of being amazing parents. They get along really well and are co-parenting their kids very well. They’ve adjusted well with each other for co-parenting their kids and now are comfortable with their two children.

ET is told by a source, “Things between Kylie and Travis are going super well. They have really mastered being together and successfully co-parenting. It’s really working for them and they are just living life. They’re doing fantastic as parents of two.”

Travis Scott And Kylie’s Co-Parenting

Stormi Webster, their 4-year-old daughter, accompanied Kylie and Travis over the weekend to cheer on Travis during his big return back to London. The “Antidote” rapper performed at London’s O2 arena on Saturday, and the beauty magnate and the couple’s firstborn were there to see it.

Kylie shared some images from the moment of her partner’s concert. In the image, we can see that Travis is being hugged backstage by the mother-daughter team, who were wearing similar pants. Indeed, it was a photo moment with the twinning outfits.

The 24-year-old Kylie uploaded a pic of herself, Stormi, and Travis flaunting their matching shoes as she used the occasion to showcase the family’s sense of taste. She has openly revealed her family’s unique style and the bond they share.

Kylie adores how active her father Travis is “the source includes “He truly prioritises Kylie and his family, which is a key factor in why they get along as a pair.” Kylie adores how Travis is involved with his parenthood.

The family takes a trip to London just after two months Kylie, Travis, and Stormi walked the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards which wasbefore Travis’ first performance on television following the Astroworld disaster.

Now that te family has welcomed their second child, they are ensuring to keep their six-month old son as away as possible from the spotlight. So, no one has got any look at their second child or for the fact have not even revealed t\he child’s name.

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