‘Kwebbelkop’ Who Has 15 Million Subscribers Reveals Plan To Quit YouTube

YouTube has helped many creators to gain fame, success, and money. But there comes a time when a creator, even though after having a successful run on YouTube feels that he/she has had enough. And famous YouTuber Jordi Maxim aka kwebbelkop has started feeling so now.

Jordin revealed in one of his latest tweets that he is planning to retire from YouTube sometime soon and move to ‘VTubing’. If you are not aware, kwebbelkop has over 14.9 million susbcribers on his YouTube channel.

VTubing is getting very popular amongst social media influencers these days. Originated in Japan, VTubers are essentially digital avatars of real life influencers that entertain the audience, instead of the human influencer.

A Decade Of Content Creation

Taking to his official Twitter handle, kwebbelkop wrote: “I explored everything. From Deepfakes to voice cloning software. And I’ve managed to achieve it!”

“In 2022 I will have uploaded 10 years, every single day. From 2012 till 2022. And it’s my goal to retire in 2022. Here’s how I plan to do it.”

Explaining further about his retirement goal, he revealed his shift to VTubing. Jordi Max has invested his personal money into the project as well.

Rise Of VTubing

“After investing a few million € of my own money I’m happy to announce the next generation of influencer. The V-Tuber,” he declared with a graphic of Bloo’s VTuber aesthetic.

“But what about the voice? Problem solved. We have Disney-grade AI software that can turn anyone’s voice into the desired voice.”

“they can speak any language and be at multiple places at the same time.”

“I plan to retire from making Kwebbelkop videos once Bloo revenue surpasses the revenue generated by my main channel. Let’s just say that it’s 70% of the way there!”

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