Kurt Angle talks on the Most Effective WWE Initiative recently

Kurt Angle talks on the Most Effective WWE Initiative recently

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle spoke on the latest episode of his podcast The Kurt Angle Show about WWE’s Next in Line Program. WWE’s NIL program has acted as a pathway for college athletes to come to the WWE while still allowing them to profit on their name, image, and likeness, similar to the NCAA’s NIL rules. The former Olympic Gold Medalist spoke about why the program is a great idea for WWE as a way to bring in new talent to the company.

Kurt Angle praises WWE’s NIL program

“I think the Next in Line program is very effective because you’re getting college athletes and a lot of these athletes are going to be world-class athletes,” Angle said. “Those are the kind of athletes you want in professional wrestling. You can be a non-athlete and join a territory and work your way up and still be a great worker. What WWE is looking for is those nostalgic athletes that are graduating college and don’t have a future in sports.

In other words, a great football player that was all-American in college and didn’t get drafted into the NFL, he’d be a great choice to pick for WWE. I think it’s a great program and I think you need a little bit of both. You want the old school where you have the territories and the small promotions where you can work, and work on your character, and work on your development in the ring. I think you need a little bit of both of those.

NXT is like the training super ground where they basically throw everything at you at once and try to come up with something. I think it takes years of experience to become a great professional wrestler and I think the small territories are very effective, and that’s where we get a lot of our characters. Where they come up with gimmicks and carry it over to the WWE. I think you want both of them, the Next in Line program and the smaller promotions.”

Triple H revealed the way WWE will compensate WWE NIL Athletes, stating the different ranges of compensation talent will get based on their accomplishments. 

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